Product range

“Keramin” sanitary ware
“Stroyfarfor” Factory produces WC toilets, wash-basins, pedestals, bidets and urinals from 100% genuine porcelain – high quality material with minimum water absorption (less than 1%).
As opposed to faience ware, sanitary ware made of genuine porcelain proves to be more solid and durable, easy to take care of. It retains its initial appearance for a long time. 
Porcelain WC toilets, wash-basins, bidets and urinals will serve you 30 plus years.
WC toilets
“Stroyfarfor” Factory produces several types of WC toilets. 
  • Floor-mounted WC toilet is the most popular type. It is mounted to the floor with of fixings that come along with the WC. Easy mounting is an advantage.  
  • Wall-mounted WC toilet is mounted to the wall at a certain height. The flush tank for such WC is normally made of durable plastic and is mounted into the wall along with the installation kit. The advantage of this WC model is that it saves a lot of space in your bathroom and makes the clean up faster and easier.
Depending on the water outlet type, WC toilets made by “Stroyfarfor” are classified as follows:
  • Horizontal outlet
  • Vertical outlet
  • Diagonal outlet
  • Multi-way outlet
Flush tanks
All flush tanks produced by “Stroyfarfor” have bottom water inlet, that ptovides noiseless water filling. 
Flush tanks are supplie with fill and flush kits with buttons of three types:
  • Single mode flush – when the entire water volume (6 to 8 litres) flushes at the same time.

  • Single mode flush with stop function – water flushing can be stopped at any time by the second pressure of a button, which leads to significant economy of water.

  • Dual mode flush lets you regulate the amount of flushed water by using half-flush (3-4 litres) or total flush (6-8 litres).

“Stroyfarfor” Factory produces wash-basins with the range of width from 35 to 85 cm.
There is a certain classification, depending on their purpose, size, design features and so on.
By the type of mounting:
  • Semi-recessed wash-basin is partly recessed into bathroom furniture, providing plenty of counter top space alongside to let you keep all your accessories handy and hiding all of the pipework under the furniture.
  • Recessed wash-basin is mounted into your bathroom counter top, fully recessed. This gives you the freedom of making your bathroom specifically fitting your individual design.
  • Countertop wash-basin is mounted on the top of your bathroom counter. This type of wash-basin gives your bathroom a more stylish and sophisticated look.
  • Wall mountable wash-basin is mounted to the wall using special wall mounted brackets. This type of wash-basins is especially popular among professional sanitary ware which is used at the airports, train stations, offices, hair salons, hospitals. Surgical wash-basin represents it among the range of ‘Keramin’ products.
  • Pedestal mountable wash-basin is a type of wall mountable wash-basins that can be used with pedestal or semi pedestal.
  • Hand wash is a small washbasin less than 40 сm wide that can be used in small bathrooms with limited space.
  • Corner mountable wash-basin usually has a rather compact size and fits into a corner of your bathroom.
By the type of tap mounting:
  • With taphole when the tap is mounted on top of the wash-basin

  • Without taphole when the tap is mounted to the wall.


“Stroyfarfor” Factory produces 2 types of bidets:
  • Floorstanding bidets are mounted to the floor with special fixings.

  • Wall-hung bidets are mounted to a special frame on the wall.

WC seats with covers
WC seats with covers represent a separate product made by “Stroyfarfor”. They are created especially for “Keramin” WC models and have contemporary ergonomic design.  All seats are made of top quality ecologically tested materials and are perfectly fitted with the toilets they are made for. 
Depending on the type of material there are:
  • Hard seats that are made of thermoset material (duroplast).
  • Soft seats that are made of polypropylene.
By the type of fixing there are:
  • Seats with metal fixing (hard seats)
  • Seats with plastic fixing (soft seats)
  • Seats with metal fixing with a special SoftClose mechanism that slows down the closing. The seat and cover slowly and noiselessly descend after a slight touch.