"Manufacture of ceramic tiles" of "Keramin" JSC is equipped with advanced technologies and the latest machinery from the world's leading suppliers.
For several decades, the company has been working with the Italian company SACMI, the leader in the production of equipment for the ceramics industry. Using innovative solutions, the company constantly modernizes technological processes and production cycles creating unique products.
Annual updating of the product range takes place due to the active collaboration of company’s own Centre of Contemporary Design and Marketing Department. The new collections are created in accordance with the "ceramic fashion" trends, based on the latest technology, the expectations of customers and current specifics of the market.
Ceramic tiles ad porcelain gres produced by “Keramin” correspond to the international quality standards and the latest trends in interior design. Wide range and rotation of collections allows us to offer contemporary stylish products to consumers and promptly respond to changing consumer preferences, following the latest trends of design and technology. 
New York. Collection of Ceramic Tiles.
Miami Collection of Ceramic Tiles.
Carrara. Collection of Porcelain Gres.