Product range

Ceramic tiles
“Keramin” produces collection tiles and economy class tiles of various formats, textures, colors and styles. Our diverse assortment range includes tile sizes from 200х200 mm to 600х300 mm. Most of “Keramin” wall tile collection are complimented with floor tiles and decorative elements such as panels, inserts and listels. We use textures of wood, stone, textile, metal, concrete and other natural and man-made materials in our designs. Wall tiles might have smooth and structured surface, matt or glossy finish, combination of decorative options. 
Glazed porcelain gres
Porcelain gres is a hi-tech product representing new generation of ceramics. Along with replicating the appearance, it reproduces the performance characteristics of natural stone. In 1997 “Keramin” JSC was the first manufacture in CIS countries to start the production of this unique material using advanced technologies and machinery supplied by SACMI. 
At the same period “Keramin” porcelain gres was successfully tested and qualified for compliance with European standards by Bologna Ceramics Center – the official supervisory body of Italy. Performance and aesthetic characteristics of “Keramin” porcelain gres correspond to similar product characteristics of Spanish and Italian producers.
In 2013 “Keramin” adopted digital printing technology in glazed porcelain gres production. All collections introduced in 2013-2015 are produced using this technology allowing to replicate various natural and synthetic materials with photographic quality.
Our 2015 product portfolio has over 20 collections of glazed porcelain gres.
“Keramin” assortment range presents porcelain gres of various formats: 300х300 mm, 395х93 mm, 450х300 mm, 400х400 mm, 500х500 mm, 595х145 mm, 600х145 mm, 600х300 mm. Most collections along with main tiles include   decorative panels, borders and inserts. 
Large format porcelain gres
In 2009 “Keramin” put into operation FMP-2950 production line and started producing large format porcelain gres with 600х600 mm dimensions. Later on the assortment range was expanded with 600х300, 600х145, 1200х300, 1200х600 mm formats.
Due to high durability, resistance to abrasion and climate changes unglazed porcelain gres is very popular as floor and façade finish. 
Along with main facing tiles, collections of large format porcelain gres are often completed with border tiles, plinth tiles and steps with anti-skid saw cuts. It is also possible to produce tiles with different structure (smooth or relief) and finish (matt or polished) within one collection. 
Decorative floor panels
Water jet cutting production line put into operation in 2012 added a new type of product to “Keramin” product portfolio – decorative floor panels made of cut porcelain gres elements.
Precise and technologically flawless cutting makes it possible to create decorative panels with the most sophisticated designs.
This technology allows you to materialize the most daring ideas, translate your individuality into your unique interior. 
Decorative glass borders
In 2014 “Keramin” presented yet another novelty highly demanded by the consumers – glass decorative borders. These versatile products are able to complement almost any collection of ceramic tiles.
A new kiln was installed to carry out the production of glass borders.
Having started with a pilot collection – the Beads – Keramin created a range of these delicate decors.