Trends of porcelain gres 2020 in new products of Keramin


We tell you which collections of new porcelain gres products in 2020 are worth paying attention to if you keep up with the times.

Today, any interior product serves to harmoniously fit into the most popular styles in the decoration of residential premises – practical and cozy minimalism with Scandinavian notes, still very popular loft, but already enriched with more delicate textures, concise and elegant classics. One characteristic of these styles is the use and interpretation of natural textures, such as wood and stone. In this case, we suggest paying attention to the wood and collections that reproduce natural wood species and parquet Board - "Vasteras" and "Seattle". The large format of the  "Vasteras" 600*600 mm porcelain tile collection allows you to create any panels due to the variety of decors, and the 600*145 mm wooden "dies "in the "Seattle" collection - to achieve a perfect imitation of expensive parquet boards.