Ceramic tiles with antibacterial protection

In a world where care for human health has come to the fore, constant 24-hour protection is needed not only for the human body, but also for the things that surround it. And "Keramin" has a solution to that problem.
Constant 24-hour protection, not subject to wear and tear, climatic factors and frequent cleaning of any room, is applied to the tile during its production: when bacteria come into contact with the treated surface, Microban technology disrupts their biological function, causing termination of the life cycle of cells and death of bacteria.
Ceramic tiles with Microban antibacterial protection are:
1.Antibacterial protection 24/7;
2.Surface without discolouration, odour and corrosion;
3.Hygiene together with biological safety for residential, work and leisure areas;
4.Does not require the use of special disinfectants when cleaning;
5.Invisible to the eye and does not affect the aesthetic perception of the tiles;
6.Applicable throughout the useful life of the product;
7.Innovative technology that has been severely tested and recognised in Europe and the USA;
"Barrier" collection of ceramic tiles includes Microban technology.