Raw materials extraction and processing
Major volume of raw clay which is used for “Keramin” TM bricks production is extracted from Gajdukovka quarry. Extraction and storage is performed by “Keramin” JSC. 
Processing of raw materials is devided into two sections:
  • preparation of mixture (clay and leaner) for common brick production;
  • preparation of facing  layer mixture (a mixture of raw materials responsible for color and smooth surface finish of the bricks);
Brick molding
Minsk Ceramic Factory of “Keramin” JSC specializes on the production of two-layer molded facing brick. 
Brick molding is performed with CMK-506 presses equipped with R5 1000B vacuum pumps (BUSH, Germany), which provide persistently high vacuum and let us produce bricks of high quality mark.  
Drying of raw bricks is performed in tunnel type driers with top fed heating supplied from the exhaust heat of firing kilns.
Brick firing
Bricks are fired in tunnel kilns with channels of minimum 4.7 m equipped with "KROMSCHRODER" gas burner units. The process of firing is automated. 
Ready bricks are inspected for quality and then packed in stretch film to protect the product during storage and transportation.